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The high quality of our pizza ovens has its roots in a long experience in the restaurant sector which today find us involved in the management of several pizzerias.

This same experience makes us proud to offer training courses for pizza chefs to customers who choose our ovens.

The courses are tailored on the needs and request of the customer and typically consists in two phases:

Pre-opening phase: In order to guarantee you will serve perfect pizzas from the first day you open the pizzeria, your pizza makers could be trained in our facility in Bali or in one of our partner restaurants already operational.
In this phase the pizza maker will learn how stretch out the pizza by hand, topping the pizzas, handle the pizza with the shovels, and cook the pizza in professional ovens.

Start-up phase: In the first weeks your restaurant starts to serve pizzas, one of our trainers will supervise and help your pizza makers until they will achieve the skills needed to work independently.

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