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Pizza Oven Aurora Service Franchising

N.B. This format is currently available only in Bali (areas served: Kuta, Legian, Krobokan, Canggu, Denpasar)

We are ready to assist you in all you need for start or improve your pizza business.

This format includes:

– The supply of the Pizza Oven.

– The daily supply of high quality pizza dough.

– Pizza makers training:

– Pre-opening phase: In order to guarantee you will serve perfect pizzas from the first day you open the pizzeria, your pizza makers could be trained in our facility in Bali or in one of our partner restaurants already operational.In this phase the pizza maker will learn how stretch out the pizza by hand, topping the pizzas, handle the pizza with the shovels, and cook the pizza in professional ovens.

 – Start-up phase: In the first weeks your restaurant starts to serve pizzas, one of our trainers will supervise and help your pizza makers until they will achieve the skills needed to work independently.

 – During the whole period of using our service we will provide a constant training, upgrade courses and monitoring of the standard quality and producing procedures in order to guarantee your customer will enjoy every day perfect pizzas.

 – Free maintenance and repair of the equipment supplied for the whole period of using our service.


Dough features:

Ingredients and the procedure are specifically tailored to obtain a traditional Italian pizza baked in high powerful ovens.

 – The dough is made:
In accordance with the traditional Italian method.
In accordance with the slow rising process method (36/48 hours).

 – Mix of flour high in protein / gluten (> 16%, W250, Ash <1%, w/a 70%)

 – Hydration 65%

 – Low permeability

 – In order to obtain the correct gluten mash the dough is processed in slow mixers, specific for pizza (planetary mixers or pastry mixers are not suitable)

 – It is used homemade Natural Yeast (Sourdough)

 – Long rising, in temperature controlled proofer (36/48 hours)

 – Average cooking time: 90/120 seconds

 – Using time: within 48 hours from delivery.

Standard portioning:  250 g for large size pizza (33 cm) and 130g for small size pizza (26 cm). Portioning can be varied according to customer preferences.

N.B. The cost of our service will be in relation to the number of pizzas actually sold, not in relation to the dough supplied. The dough not sold will be withdrawn.

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