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Equipment features:

 – Professional Bricks Lava Stones Pizza Oven model Aurora 120 (Wood or Gas)

 – The internal oven dome is built in natural bricks lava stone. All the materials used do not contain asbestos.

 – The oven is prefabricated in the factory and will be assembled in the restaurant site by our technicians in 2-3 working days (for don’t disturb the normal restaurant activity it is possible assemble the oven in 4-5 days, working in the night time).

 – The oven component parts are designed to pass through a standard 90 cm door.

 – The oven can be disassembled and moved in a different position or different location in 4-5 working days.

 – High Energy Efficiency (average difference between the inside and the outside oven temperature more than 90%).

 – Internal diameter (cooking floor) 120 cm.

 – External diameter 180 cm.

 – Approximate weight 3 ton

 – Pizzas capacity Gas fired version: 7 large size (32cm), 9 regular size (28cm), 11 small size (24 cm).

 – Pizzas capacity Wood fired version: 6 large size (32cm), 7 regular size (28cm), 9 small size (24 cm).

 (The difference in capacity is due to the smaller space occupied by the gas burner compared to wood)

 – Optimal operating temperature from 350 to 500 Celsius degrees.

 – Average cooking time pizza 90 seconds.

Gas Fired Version:

 – Dual gas burner, operating in aspirated and blown air mode and BOOSTER function.

 – The oven and the burners are built in compliance with high standards gas-using safety.

 – The oven is equipped with gas leak sensor and carbon monoxide sensor.

 – The burners works in high ratio air/gas for maximize the efficiency and minimize the unburned residues

Operating modes:

 – Manual Mode

 – Automatic mode, with digital temperature control.

 – Combined mode (one burner in manual mode and one burner in automatic mode)


N.B:  Before the oven installation the customer must provide:

 – A gas supply, pressure 500 millibar (0,5 Bar) with a proper pressure gauge.

 – An electrical power supply which complies with the National regulations (220v, Phase/Neutral/Ground)

 – An easy access to the installation point, free of obstacles.


Optional features

In case of the oven will be installed in aggressive environment, such as at the front beach position, some standard parts could be substitute with special parts as described below:

 – All the metallic parts of the oven could be built in stainless steel AISI 304 and 316 instead of AISI 201

 – The pedestal could be built in stainless steel AISI 304 instead of AISI 201

 – The electric/electronic control panel could be waterproof.

 – All the electric/electronic connections will be protected with lithium grease for prevent corrosion and electrical leakage.

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